Sunday, June 27, 2010

ALERT: My Share Price is Dropping and It's On Purpose !!!

I'm proud to say my share price took a little dip today (-0.631). And Yes! It's not linkbait it really is on purpose. It dropped because of my little activity yesterday (and probably today). If you've been here a while you must already know Empire Avenue is pretty much a massive timesuck. Bit Time! I get so lost working it I'm already afraid I might miss out on my daughter's sweet 16th birthday party...  And I don't even have a daughter yet!

So I promised myself to (against all urges) check up on Empire Avenue and Twitter and Facebook and Reader and all of that only a little itsy bitsy tiny bit this weekend. Knowing that my price would drop. But wait - don't sell everything you've got in me just yet -

Let me explain, I've tried to recover some of the time that used to belong to me before ea came into my life, so I can work on my site, a lot. There's a set of new features that I'm fleshing out and I want to have them ready by Monday to show off at Empire Avenue's Communiteam meetup. Dups said there would be lots of hacking! And I want them to have my app on their radar. So I'm not crazy, so hold your horses, don't sell me out and wait till I push this thing live - This site, my stock and everything else is going to catch on fire! Empire Avenue is never going to be the same again. PROMISE.

Good Luck, Trade Strong!

Recent Empire,
Empowering your Empire

Friday, June 25, 2010

Fallen off a Cliff? Come Back Stronger.

At around this time last Friday I disconnected from Empire Avenue to go on a long weekend getaway (The best ever). While I packed I knew my share price was gonna get hit hard. Real Hard. -5.73 points Hard. Then came Monday and after absolutely no online activity for 3 days I started working to stop the landslides.

I tell you, it is not easy. Empire Avenue's inertia is of enormous strength, once your stock starts going south it only picks up speed and your overnight drop is only going to get larger until every last penny is ripped clean off from your (almost) rotting corpse - Yep, that's how it felt.

Once I regained activity and started engaging everyone and pointing them to the new content on my site, tweeting my fingers off, following, buying, thanking, southing, direct messaging, and everything else I could think of I managed to slow down the speed of descent. But to no avail: It still dropped, I made such a huge effort and got such little reward I almost tossed in the towel.

But I wasn't about to abandon all my plans just yet. I kept at it and got back on the up ramp.  I must say I put in much more effort to get my share to start growing again than I did to get it to where it was at last week.

Five days later and I'm finally back where I left off. Or am I? Actually I am not. Sure my share price might be almost the exact same figure, but my network kept growing even as my share price kept falling.

I suddenly realized: they might sell your shares, but unless you really deserve it, they won't unfollow you from twitter or They will not unfriend you from facebook, or remove your feed from their reader. No, no one did any of that. The connections you make on Empire Avenue are not as fragile as your share price. When I reached for them, they were still there, reading me. I think Therein lies the real wealth of Empire Avenue: True connections. I could quit Empire Avenue right now (but I won't) and I'd still maintain my reach.

Had any similar experience? Found Empire Avenue has enriched your live beyond the game? Think I'm over reacting? Felt like no one loved you? Please, shout out on the comments below.

Ohh, and Empire Avenue is definitely more than just a game!

Good Luck, Trade Strong!

Recent Empire,
Empowering your Empire

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Top Newborns Twitter List!

How are you all doing? hope you're good - and better after reading this :)
I started a twitter list #empireavenewborns where i'll periodically list those that occupy the Top 10 newborn ranks at any random moment. Followin this list should help you peek into the newborns and see which is really active on twitter - Grade A research tool just for you! ;)

Enjoy #empireavenewborns !

Good Luck, Trade Strong!

Recent Empire,
Empowering your Empire.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

How 3 hours can turn into 11

Yeah... I was supposed to release some features about 8 hours ago. Then fiber went down everywhere - even cell towers were cut off. It's been a nightmare, yet here I am. And I bring gifts... So now you'll notice a link atop of the Recent Riser Rankings that reads Sign in or register - upon clicking on it it will take you to a Google accounts sing in page, and afterwards it will give you the option to see how many shares you own on each share that shows on the rankings spreadsheet.

This is a very simple function, but it's the underlying gem that really gets me all excited. User account integration will allow Recent Empire to deliver you personalized solutions tailored to fit your needs! It's a brave new world out there on Empire Avenue. To test it out head on to it's really very primitive - so do so with that in mind. Let me hear any about quirks, blips or blops you find! Thanks!

More features coming in about 3 hours.

So, I'm about to start showing you the first real glimpse of the grander vision I have for Recent Empire.

A little teaser: Rankings are about to get a LOT more personal...

Good Luck, Trade Strong!

Recent Empire,
Growing by helping each Recent Arrival at a time.

Monday, June 21, 2010

New Features are Live !!!

They're finally here! New Features for you to maximize your investments!

So I went away for this weekend (in every aspect) but not without telling of new features that would come. I hope you are of those who hung around without selling my shares (at least not all of them ) But whether you sold them or not I won't judge, I'm still giving you 2 brand new features of a whole suite I've got planned for the not too distant future.

You can find the new additions on tabs beneath the title (They are all automagically generated for your convenience):

First one's Recent Riser Rankings: Here you'll find the top 20 Recent Arrivals leaderboard reconfigured to show you who's who among the pack, it's not the same being No. 8 after a week than getting to No. 9 on your second day ;). This is pretty much the same as the spreadsheet I was building manually, only now you won't depend on me being timely to get you RRR fix!

Second is the Newborn Rankings: Kids grow up so fast these days! Haven't you noticed all of a sudden you see someone on ea's home tab recent arrivals list with a +2 +3 or even +4 gain in share price? wish you could have ridden that wave? wonder how many more shares like that have dropped of the list, growing exponentially and not on the recent arrivals board yet? Well I've got the solution you need! These rankings are generated on the fly everytime you load the page and there's 40 newborns listed !!! So you still have time to make your investments and gain some hot new followers before they're in full bloom.

I gave some of my loyal shareholders a head start on those fresh shares. And if you get some NRMM you'll also be able to get in on the early action on my future features.

Thanks to those who stood behind me with strong investments while my shares took a dive. Namely CINDYG, ADRIEL, CRAW, ELIAV, KT1018, BINKU, LOA, PETLEY, REIGN and RZR.

Good Luck, Trade Strong!

Recent Empire,
Growing by helping each Recent Arrival at a time.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Upcoming new features!!!

Hello strong traders ! (by now I hope to have helped you build a stronger portfolIo) I have some great news for you all - Recent Empire is going to get a lot more recent. I'll be making plenty of changes to the blog looking to improve the readiness as well as the number of spreadsheets that Recent Empire is going to make available in an up to the minute type of way ;-)
The only downside is that I will not be able to post the Daily Risers again until monday - just hold on a couple of days and I promise to make it worth your while.
So until next monday, Trade strong !!!