Sunday, June 27, 2010

ALERT: My Share Price is Dropping and It's On Purpose !!!

I'm proud to say my share price took a little dip today (-0.631). And Yes! It's not linkbait it really is on purpose. It dropped because of my little activity yesterday (and probably today). If you've been here a while you must already know Empire Avenue is pretty much a massive timesuck. Bit Time! I get so lost working it I'm already afraid I might miss out on my daughter's sweet 16th birthday party...  And I don't even have a daughter yet!

So I promised myself to (against all urges) check up on Empire Avenue and Twitter and Facebook and Reader and all of that only a little itsy bitsy tiny bit this weekend. Knowing that my price would drop. But wait - don't sell everything you've got in me just yet -

Let me explain, I've tried to recover some of the time that used to belong to me before ea came into my life, so I can work on my site, a lot. There's a set of new features that I'm fleshing out and I want to have them ready by Monday to show off at Empire Avenue's Communiteam meetup. Dups said there would be lots of hacking! And I want them to have my app on their radar. So I'm not crazy, so hold your horses, don't sell me out and wait till I push this thing live - This site, my stock and everything else is going to catch on fire! Empire Avenue is never going to be the same again. PROMISE.

Good Luck, Trade Strong!

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  1. Hey, linkbait doesn't have to be a lie. It just has to make you really want to read the article. That headline was definitely linkbait! laugh. Good going on the article and on your app project.

  2. True! Maybe I should rectify that second sentence to: "And Yes! It's not JUST linkbait it really is on purpose." Thanks for the comment!

  3. After *checks watch* just about 9hrs on EAv, I /totally/ relate to what you're talking about.
    (To tell the truth I delayed my start this morning; got a good 2 or 3 hours work done before diving in. But I got practically 0 done after that!)