Monday, June 14, 2010

Daily Riser Rankings for Recent Arrivals (People)

EA's Recent Arrivals lists those stocks which are less than a week old (Correct me if i'm wrong) and are sorted by there current share price. Little else is told about how they've earned a standing that list. 

I must say I admire all the people who reach the leader board. Yet the most attractive stock isn't always the one placed furthest up.

The shares I consider to be the most attractive are those that initially rise faster than the rest.

June 14th's Ranking for People is pictured below. You can see that the fastest gainers are CINDYG, NADIA and RZR with changes of +3.90, +3.35 and +2.29 respectivly. Take CINDYG, for instance, it's placed at No. 18 out of 20 on the Recent Arrivals Leaderboard, yet is is clearly the fastest rising share of the pack.

Recent Arrivals Riser Rankings for June 14

Among other planned goodies, next posts will include Riser Rankings for Recent Arrival sites as well. 

Good Luck, Trade Strong!

Recent Empire,
Growing by helping each Recent Arrival at a time.

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