Thursday, June 17, 2010

Daily Riser Rankings for Recent Arrivals (People) - June 17th 2010

Hello all !! back with the Daily Riser Ranking for June 17th! A little late with this post, since I had some connectivity problems this morning ! Was diying to share today's standings with you all because it's one heck of a change, all around the board. Great opportunities indeed.

Seems New Arrivals are picking up on the game very very fast since our top 5 for the day are completely new to the board !!! Growth margins are larger and larger. If this keeps up we're bound to see a 10+ growth in one of these recent arrivals, just keep your eyes peeled.

With that said, on with today's chart.

1st place goes to LVIDS with a mind bogglin' +6.30 ! I mean , OMG!
2nd place is WENDYB doin a scorching +5.83, get your mittens before touching this one :)
3rd place is CARLAT I must say this one did NOT take me by suprise. I gave a great tip on her when she was at 11 something and she grew about 4.4 points more since, so i got some great dividends on her this morning ! Go ahead, check out my shout outs, it's there ;) 

If you want tips like the one I gave on CARLAT be sure to get some of my shares (NRMM) and hit me up with a direct message so I know to send you some tips ahead of the pack.*

Good Luck, Trade Strong!

Recent Empire,
Growing by helping each Recent Arrival at a time.

* PS. I really don't mind shameless self promotion ;) 

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