Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Daily Riser Rankings for Recent Arrivals (People) - June 16th 2010

Another day, another Daily Riser Ranking. Only this time around we've got even greater changes than yesterday, a lot of the movement is due to big gains on the newbie scene. MASHA just came in all guns a-blazin' to 1st place and took me by surprise. If i had known this i would've invester more than i did yesterday - I still am going to invest though, and hopefully she will link up a twitter or blog account soon.

Other than that CINDYG is still way up high on 2nd place twittering, trading, unlocking achievements and all the what not! Still think she's a good bet.

GTS is delivering as promised at 3rd place pushing all the right buttons and climbing up fast. Take a piece of that action. Pronto!

I'm also listing the rest of the top 10 here hyperlink stile, so its even easier for you to make that investment ;)


  1. Hey, you are doing great with this. I really enjoy checking it out each day. Bittersweet that I am moving off of the Recent Arrivals list. I guess I just have to focus on top ten share price on the 'big' list. ;-)

  2. Thanks! I've got plans for a historical board of how Recent Arrivals are holding up after they've dropped from the Leaderboard. It should prove very insightfull as i'm also going to drop from the board and wonder if my share price will drop without that exposure or not... Just wait and see.