Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Daily Riser Rankings for Recent Arrivals (People) - June 15th 2010

First off let me tell I've got some brand spanking new features for the Daily Riser Rankings. As I was compiling the rankings I realized this tools is going to be far more usefull for myself than i tought at first: as it turns out, seeing just a week of leaders is missing out on a lot of very valuable share movements!

And now, on with the show! Today's top three are:
1. CINDYG Impressively again at #1 for two days in a row, averaging a staggering +4.13 increease DAILY (your eaves are safe with her)
2. GTS Who smashed into #2 with brutal strenght! I mean, talk about an entrance!
3. NADIA See? now that's what I call dependability: a player that's sure to stick around the leaderboards at eampireavenue long after she's dropped from the Recent Arrivals.

Ohhh and I don't know how you feel about "shameless self promotion" but i really don't mind: Guess who is a newcomer to the leaderboard? you very own NRMM! I woke up this morning to a whopping +3.416 daily change making my way into #16 in the Recent Arrivals Leaderboard and #5 in the Daily Change Leaderboard. Go on! get some of my shares, I've got huge plans for empire avenue.

A very curious discovery: CRAWLOA and AVILA made my top 10 yet they've been dropped from the Recent Arrivals Leaderboard due to age (being on Empire Avenue for more than a week) I'm trying to decide how long i'll maintain shares that have been dropped from the list because of age. Maybe with a criteria based on share value, a fixed number of days or retiring to a special board? I'd like it if YOU helped me decide down in the comments or on EA.


  1. Nice!I´m #1 for the 2nd day in a row!! =D

  2. I like the information and happy to make the list! Not sure yet about the criteria for selling shares of people that have dropped from the list due to "age." I'll sleep on it Captain.