Friday, June 25, 2010

Fallen off a Cliff? Come Back Stronger.

At around this time last Friday I disconnected from Empire Avenue to go on a long weekend getaway (The best ever). While I packed I knew my share price was gonna get hit hard. Real Hard. -5.73 points Hard. Then came Monday and after absolutely no online activity for 3 days I started working to stop the landslides.

I tell you, it is not easy. Empire Avenue's inertia is of enormous strength, once your stock starts going south it only picks up speed and your overnight drop is only going to get larger until every last penny is ripped clean off from your (almost) rotting corpse - Yep, that's how it felt.

Once I regained activity and started engaging everyone and pointing them to the new content on my site, tweeting my fingers off, following, buying, thanking, southing, direct messaging, and everything else I could think of I managed to slow down the speed of descent. But to no avail: It still dropped, I made such a huge effort and got such little reward I almost tossed in the towel.

But I wasn't about to abandon all my plans just yet. I kept at it and got back on the up ramp.  I must say I put in much more effort to get my share to start growing again than I did to get it to where it was at last week.

Five days later and I'm finally back where I left off. Or am I? Actually I am not. Sure my share price might be almost the exact same figure, but my network kept growing even as my share price kept falling.

I suddenly realized: they might sell your shares, but unless you really deserve it, they won't unfollow you from twitter or They will not unfriend you from facebook, or remove your feed from their reader. No, no one did any of that. The connections you make on Empire Avenue are not as fragile as your share price. When I reached for them, they were still there, reading me. I think Therein lies the real wealth of Empire Avenue: True connections. I could quit Empire Avenue right now (but I won't) and I'd still maintain my reach.

Had any similar experience? Found Empire Avenue has enriched your live beyond the game? Think I'm over reacting? Felt like no one loved you? Please, shout out on the comments below.

Ohh, and Empire Avenue is definitely more than just a game!

Good Luck, Trade Strong!

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  1. This is a really good point! From the perspective of the "casual" blogger/social media guru, I've been struggling with how to accept that my share price will probably never be over 20e. But it is true in the few weeks I have been on Empire Avenue that my network has grown substantially.

    Great post!

  2. Glad your network has grown Corey, you know, there's a lot more Stock Brokers than stocks: and they get to see all the action first hand ;)

  3. Great observations, Nelson. Also, I don't think it's quite as hard as you think to recover from dips. Check out the chart for my podcasting account -
    HUGE swings, and pretty much the only thing to account for it is that I don't tweet much from the account except on weekends to promote the Sunday shows.
    Love your point about how despite share price, you're making new and lasting connections. That's real value.

  4. Quite a roller coaster ride, but then again, given that you are a what I'd call a celebrity I'm guessing it only takes a simple mention on your behalf to drive it up "evidence of influence" ;-)

  5. I honestly wish I had the dips. No, no one walks away from you when they sell, unless they sell because they really don't like you. To be honest out of the probably 1000 and some people I have bought and sold, I have only sold and unfollowed 3 on here. Just to get them out of my feed. It is very rare. Plus we want to keep following you so we can see when that activity picks up and we can rebuy.
    We make money when you come back, You make money because the sales come in again. I think the trick is to make a grand entrance and exit, and not to worry about the tweeting etc, it will be right back to where you left it.
    Unnatural activity on here always seems to be dangerous.
    Those sells and rebuys stop you from running out of shares where you have to gut your portfolio to buy upgrades. I wish I could sell the same shares over and over.
    Get on the hashtag and scream you are back. it usually works, a couple good sales and you are green again and the flood happens. Go with the flow and play with the portfolio. You will get over the ouches.